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Improving Health at Old Age: 5 Simple Ways

Ageing with health and happiness is part of everyone’s retirement plan, yet we all know it is not easy, as it sounds. While ageing is not a cakewalk, it comes with its fair share of aches and issues but it shouldn’t be all about hospital visits only. After spending a major chunk of life working, providing, and hustling in the end, everyone wants to sit and unwind. But what if health isn’t on the same page as the person is? That can be quite challenging

There is the common notion that money makes retirement fulfilling but what is the point of being economically sound, when one is not healthy enough to enjoy it. Even though happy retirement requires monetary soundness, it is not just about that only.

Health is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that not just includes the physical aspect, also includes the mental, social, and emotional well-being of an individual. When all these factors are kept in check then only an individual can be healthy. Imagine being physically strong and fit but if one is crumbling inside due to lack of mental health then what is the whole point of being physically fit and vice versa.

Growing older doesn't always imply a host of medical issues or a worse quality of life, but it's vital to understand what's typical to a body as it ages and what isn't. Ageing brings about changes in all aspects of one's life, from the physical to the cerebral level. Most of these changes may be favourable, while others maybe not. The difficulty is to make the most of the positive features of growing older while still taking proactive actions to preserve health and limit the drawbacks.

The first step toward safeguarding health is to recognize what mental and physical changes occur as one become old. There are a plethora of changes that occur in one's body, not just external changes but far more complex internal changes. Bones become brittle, blood pressure starts to fluctuate, digestion slows down and slowly one start to feel that age is getting onto the better side of health. Understanding these changes and adapting measures to balance these out is very important.

Simple measures with which one can keep up with one's age are :

  • Routine checkups with doctors like -dentist, eye doctor, and other specialists, to spot issues early and cure them before they become very severe. Do not neglect oneself and one's bodily needs, do routine check-ups and stick to a fixed schedule for regular visits.
  • Sleep is something which is equally important of all ages but as one become older, one's body tends to become weaker. Thus it requires proper rest to cope up and function. Lack of sleep can lead to weakness and fatigue, which can add to other greater diseases. As advised by the National Sleep Foundation, the human body requires proper 8 hours of sleep as a person grows older, their sleep patterns shift, this is a very common phenomenon but if one faces acute insomnia, they must consult their doctor.
  • “Smoking and drinking are injurious to health”, this applies to the entire mankind. Yet the elderly are more susceptible to diseases like lung cancer, heart problems and liver-related issues caused by both alcohol consumption and smoking. It is widely advised by the World Health Organisation to cut on both for stronger muscles, bones and immune system.
  • It may seem self-evident, but it's worth emphasizing: one must always take prescribed medications recommended by the doctor exactly as advised (or doctors). It is also advised to have a prescribed medication review to see if all of the medicines are still essential, this can be done on regular basis.
  • As a person grows older, they will notice a lot of changes and challenges and may need to make lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At any age, excellent health may be accomplished with the aid of healthy food and frequent regular activity. Some health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and some malignancies, can be avoided by making appropriate lifestyle choices. This includes a healthy fibre rich diet, staying hydrated, reducing intake of fatty foods and deep-fried items.
  • Physical activity plays a major role in keeping the mind and body fit and agile. It can help in improving strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance (the ability to move for long periods without stopping). As one become older, staying physically active can promote a healthier weight and avoid long-term health concerns. It may aid in the relief of arthritis, anxiety, and depression symptoms, as well as the management of diabetes and high blood pressure. Being physically active can also help one live independently for a longer period by keeping you healthy.

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